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Cliffton Dry Harvest

Photo credit to New York Times Heather Ainsworth By Cliffton Dry Our harvest season is here! Cliffton Dry is committed to using sustainably grown, best practice farmed, premium market apples. These apples currently are found in upstate New York, in the Finger Lakes. To uphold this standard of commitment our apple guru Mike Biltonen, a Cornell […]

The Bodies That Inspire by Siobhan Burke

by Siobhan Burke Via dancemagazine.com Inspiration can come from anywhere, but for choreographers, the body itself is a rich source. Some dancemakers may be drawn to specific physical traits: lanky limbs, an articulate spine, a muscular build. But those features can’t move on their own. There’s always a heart, a mind, a spirit, a psyche—some form of […]

My Latest Binge Watch: “Strictly Ballet”

by Kristin Schwab via dancemagazine.com No, you’re not imagining it: Ballet is everywhere these days. In ads, in music videos and on TV.  And with an increase in dance coverage hopefully comes an increase in dance knowledge. Just how did all these dancers actually become dancers? Even I, long past my eager pre-professional days at the barre, still […]

The American Dream by Ashley Rivers

photo by Lucas Chilczuk for DanceMedia LLC by Ashley Rivers Via dancemagazine.com Many U.S. dancers dream of dancing abroad—of spending time experiencing cities and companies that, to us, seem “exotic.” But at the same time, dancers from around the world fantasize about joining our hometown troupes. What is it that draws them here? Mayara Pineiro Corps de […]

Are You Snacking Smart?

by Madeline Schrock Via dancemagazine.com Get real! Opt for actual food, like veggies and homemade hummus, over processed packaged foods. You know that ‘80s song “One Thing Leads to Another”? Well, it applies to more than just romance. I’m talking about the handful of potato chips that leads to another, and another, until the bag is empty. Here’s […]

10 Minutes with Keenan Kampa

by Ashley Rivers Via dancemagazine.com There’s something about Keenan Kampa that sets her apart from the average ballerina. Both onstage and off, she is unfiltered, vulnerable and real. After becoming the first American to join the Mariinsky Ballet in 2012, she was almost immediately cast in principal roles, bringing a firestorm of criticism and sniping from some […]