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Cliffton Dry Harvest

Photo credit to New York Times Heather Ainsworth

By Cliffton Dry

Our harvest season is here! Cliffton Dry is committed to using sustainably grown, best practice farmed, premium market apples. These apples currently are found in upstate New York, in the Finger Lakes. To uphold this standard of commitment our apple guru Mike Biltonen, a Cornell horticulture graduate visits the farms months in advance to test the soil, check the farming methods, and taste the apples for quality. Once approved by Mike, Shelagh D’arcy Hinds (Cliffton Dry Founder) and Mike will visit each farm to taste and test apple blends. Cliffton Dry is made with either 5-7 varieties of apples.

Cliffton is a politely dry, well-balanced sparkling wine, with a fresh bouquet nose. Its clean, elegant taste has refined pear and citrus notes, with a slight, apple finish. Mike and Shelagh’s tastings help to keep Cliffton Dry consistently delicious and refreshing.

The exceptionally light taste of Cliffton Dry (made like a prosecco, but using sustainably grown apples rather than grapes) is  Crafted in the Charmat method, Cliffton is triple fermented for 2 to 3 months. Akin to a Prosecco (but with much less sugar) Cliffton Dry has soft round bubbles and is best served well-chilled in a champagne flute or a wine glass.

Our commitment to you is to provide a sustainably made, best practice – farming methods, Farm to table, low alcohol (5.5%), Low sugar, gluten free, sparkling apple wine that is perfect for any occasion, any season.

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